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In response to Bobby Jindal...

For someone with Presidential ambitions Bobby Jindal does nothing to bridge divides in his April 23, 2014  New York Times Op-Ed piece, Bobby Jindal: I'm Holding Firm Against Gay Marriage ( .  His use of language with charged words such as “left wing” and “radical liberals” speak only separation and marginalization which is the overall key to his thinking, and focuses him, not on an inclusive future, but on the old code words of a failed conservative agenda.

I am always struck by people who espouse Mr. Jindal’s philosophy who like us to think we live in some long gone “Little House on the Prairie” world where all we need is a simple life, where Mom cooks around the hearth and Dad tends the field and we all “simply allow free exercise of religion”.  That’s all we want really.  To be left alone and worship God in our own way.  Except this simple prairie world has long disappeared along with our wiping out of most the Native American culture.  Now we are met with schemes from political and religious leaders as to how to best keep the gays, lesbians, and transgender from perverting our simple homespun life.

I think we can take comfort in the fact that Bobby Jindal has virtually no chance of ever being nominated or elected president, despite his ambitions.  Perhaps he should spend his time protecting society from others that might limit the vast freedoms in Louisiana.  Vampires perhaps?  Far more dangerous than those LGBT folks.  What say you Mr. Lestat?

Published in The New York Times, Op-Ed comment, April 23, 2014


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