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SpeakTruly commented on JFK anniversary on TV: An onslaught of stale shows, and a nation stuck in a freeze frame…

JFK anniversary on TV: An onslaught of stale shows, and a nation...

REVIEW | Why do we keep reliving Nov. 22, 1963, in an onslaught of stale 50th-anniversary shows?

Oh how sad, another article by "someone who wasn't born" when JFK was killed, this time a critic. Yes, yes, we must move on, just as we have moved on from the Civil War, The Great Depression, The Civil Rights struggles in the South and nation as a whole, and over and over. Time for reflection and memorial does not lessen our need and desire to move on in life, but helps us clarify events, bring them further into our consciousness, and remember how life is changed by singular events. Yes, perhaps some of the upcoming television programming isn't up to snuff (we have all seen far too many poor JFK imitations) and they don't meet todays standard of incessant jump cuts, flashy graphics, and inane dialogue so necessary to keep the attention of thirty somethings, but they present another attempt by a society so meshed with media to reflect on an event that stunned even someone like myself, as a ten year old, and so changed the future of the American political agenda and the nation as a whole. 

So, I am sorry you are bored by all this. Go watch "The Voice". That will help you clear your mind.

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