Spy Wednesday

Spy Wednesday

Today, the Wednesday before the beginning of Christian Holy Week, is known as “Spy Wednesday”, the day Judas Iscariot put into motion the workings of the plot against Jesus, the betrayal of friendship and leadership for pieces of sliver, thus beginning the journey to Easter.  

Judas!  The name forever connected to breaking the trust.

As we contemplate this time and begin our spiritual journey this week, consider the betrayals we see every day.  The daily litany of lies, backstabbing, and deceit played out in our government and displayed on 24-hour news programs, each story soaked for its potential for nastiness. The scenarios played out on our southern border, in their own way a betrayal of the Gospel, and belief aside, basic humanity. Corporations telling us they are the vehicle for connection and life sharing, only to sell that information, milking our very lives for information to use and exploit. 

The organizations we belong to, whether they be our source of income and livelihood, or merely our social media home, are a daily proving ground in the struggle for truth and authenticity.  The conspiracies to get ahead in our career, the misinformation put out to staff and employees, the power grabs, the concealed plans to eliminate those we find redundant, the illicit and contrived performance review, the false information we put out to build ourselves up or take others down with a simple post or text message, all bring us back to Judas..   This week, the conjunction of Passover and Holy Week, provides an excellent opportunity to review our actions and that of our work and social organizations.

Are we sharing the meal with those we will eventually cast aside? Are we dipping our fingers into the bowl with those with whom we are disingenuous? And how do we forgive those who have betrayed us?  The office gossip, the intrigue, the confidant who has abused our trust?

As we leave the office early to attend the varied religious services this time of year let's think deeply about the changes we need to bring back.

This brings faith to life.