My friends,

I hear a lot about transformation, how we need to transform ourselves into something or someone else, transform others from their current dark path of addiction or abuse, transform our political or corporate workplace process, or perhaps our life situations. 

Jesus transformed himself, literally in the Transfiguration, showing us his connection to the Spirit with the manifestation of other prophets as well as his connection to the Father as a sign of validation.  He called for us to continually transform our lives and that of the people around us by following him.

I have begun to understand that transformation is not some event, although there are certainly transformational events in life, or transformational people who do great or inspiring things.  Transformation is all around us, in the seasons, in the death/rebirth cycle of nature, in our own nature as we stare in the mirror and see another wrinkle, or the age our parents once were and pass beyond.


Transformation is a continual process of engagement and connection, of renewal, of casting aside old skins. Transformation happens, it's necessary, it's around us constantly and we can't escape it.   We learn from transformation and the things we learn we want to hold on to but, at the same time, the things we learn are transient and themselves changing. 

Our job is to be quiet, recognize the silence of transition, the changes in our very cells/selves, and to be in this moment, recognizing who we are at this moment.  It's in these times we learn that we ARE this very moment of change and are moving forward to universal fulfillment. And we are in this together! As Teilhard de Chardin says, “Everything that rises must converge”.

I’ll see you at the top. Peace and good things to you!